The Trump Effect is Historic

Unconventional, but undeniable. Trump started a movement. The political pundits and reputable professionals in the news media refused to acknowledge the discourse and desire for change that Trump was tapping into. Most people underestimated that the movement he created would propel him to win the 2016 Presidential Election.

Love him or loath him. Trump has forever changed the political process in America. It’s official. The Trump Effect is now a party of our history.

Donald Trump’s Presidential Race Acceptance Speech (Full) | CNBC:

Countdown to Election Day: The Expected Unexpected

With just days before the election, FBI Director James Comey clears Hillary Clinton on new email investigation.

It was widely reported on Sunday November 6, 2016 that Comey sent a letter to Capital Hill with an update on the investigation. The letter said that agents “have been working around the clock to process and review” the emails, which had been found on a computer owned by former Rep. Anthony Weiner, the estranged husband of Clinton’s close aide Huma Abedin. “During that process, we have reviewed all of the communications that were to or from Hillary Clinton while she was secretary of State,” Comey wrote. “Based on our review, we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in July with respect to Secretary Clinton.”

So, for now, it appears Clinton will not be facing an indictment arising from the investigation of her improper handling of classified emails on a private server.

Trey Gowdy was on Fox News and provides his opinion on the matter.

Normally this type of news be shocking and unexpected during a Presidential Election. Supporters of Clinton fully expected the news and that their candidate did nothing wrong. Hillary Clinton critics fully expected no action would be taken by a corrupt system to bring a corrupt politician to justice.

Clinton Pay to Play Parody

Clinton Pay to Play Parody

Please note that this is a purely fictional scenario and not based on any actual events or people. If Bill has been paid by Coke or the Coca Cola corporation has received favors in the form of public policy or contracts Hillary was able to facilitate, it is purely a coincidence.

Bill Clinton speaks at a corporate meeting

Bill gets paid!
Bill gets paid!

Hillary tells school kids that rich people are not paying their fair share and that Coca Cola products should be free for all students.

The voters, I mean kids, are excited and want to vote for Hillary.

Clinton laughs and thinks “this is too easy”

Kid wonders why his parents now have to work late to pay for Obamacare and his after school program got cancelled.

As the official government sponsored public school lunch drink provider, profits at Coca Cola soar!

Guess who got a call to speak at Coke’s annual shareholder meeting?

Countdown to Election Day: Trump Leads in a National Pole

According to the ABC News / Washington Post Tracking Poll reported on November 1, 2016, Trump may now be leading in the Presidential Race.

The 2016 Presidential Election has been anything but conventional. I am unsure if any of the polls can predict within a normal margin of error what to expect on election day, especial if they are relying on conventional models. The new poll is a National poll, therefore does not necessarily predict which candidate will capture the required 270 electoral votes (if any).

Click here to see the latest RealClear Politics Electoral College Map

Countdown to Election Day: Expect the Unexpected

We can Expect the Unexpected in the coming days leading up to 2016 Presidential Election. Today certainly feels like the tide may be turning for Trump. Today the FBI Announced evidence of new Hillary Clinton emails have lead them to re-open the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified information. More importantly, emails that could implicate that Hillary Clinton was covering up the improper use of a private email server that handled classified information. In political scandals, it is almost always the cover-up that leads to criminal charges.

This is a story too big for even the mass media to ignore: CNN Article on FBI Re-opeing the Investigation.

Is it the mass media using it’s privileges and protections guaranteed under the Constitution that is uncovering the corruption and criminal acts of Hillary Clinton. No, it is WikiLeaks: Article on Julian Assange and Wikileaks

It will be interesting to see how the polls change in the next few days. I mean, how the people creating the polls change their methods in the next few days. Even so, some are already predicting a win by Trump: Article from Belfast Telegraph on AI system predicting a Trump win.

Why do Trump and Many Others Say Clinton’s Charity is Pay for Play?

The above title might lead you to believe this post is going to provide an opinion or facts critical of the Clinton Foundation and how it was used by the Clintons in a Pay for Play political corruption scheme. Actually, this post is critical of the approach to reveal and investigate corrupt acts committed by the Clintons.

Professional criminal organizations and schemes are often well organized and planned. Sometimes they are even run better than some public corporations. Corrupt politicians and political organizations are no different.

The key to circumventing suspicion and the law, is through forming a complex organizational structure. While one of the keys to Clinton’s Pay for Play scheme is the Clinton Foundation, the scheme is misunderstood when the foundation is made the focus of raising suspicions of corruption. Why? Well, first of all it is a charity organization. It is easy for many people to shrug off donations to a charity in return for political favors.

The key to proving corruption is to follow the money trail where the Clintons benefited directly. An example is the Wallstreet Journal Article showing links to the Clintons getting massive fees to speak.

The Clinton Foundation provides the Clintons cover from suspicion, distracts from the issue and is also a way to dish out favors. With favors, such as awarding a construction contract, it can be difficult to tie them directly to the original favor or payment when they originate outside the foundation and more likely involve numerous parties. In the end, the average person on the street thinks it is sour grapes for those critical of the Clintons to attack their charity.

However, the average person on the street understands that getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to speak at an event in return for a political favor smells rotten.

For Congress to get enough public support to actually investigate corruption, the opinions of the average person is important. The scheme is obviously well organized and many powerful people are involved. Bernie Sanders, the self-proclaimed spokesperson against corporate and political corruption, would be the best person to drive the cry for an investigation, but is least likely to do anything that might possibly help the Republican Party.

So, what is going to happen? A committee in Congress is going to hold hearings on the Clinton Foundation and say while there was certainly an appearance of wrong doing, there is no direct evidence of any wrong doing. Sound familiar? It was bad judgement, but not against the law.

Without a broad focus on the Clinton’s source of wealth and only focusing on the Clinton Foundation, only the appearance of an investigation will be done. The Clintons will remain above the law and be able to claim an investigation revealed no wrong doing. In fact, they will turn the failed investigation into ammo and say their opponents tried to destroy a charity.

Those that own and control the mainstream media do not have an interest in exposing the Clintons. This could be the last election where we have a free internet that does not censor independent films like the one below:

After all, there is one candidate in this election that blamed the death of a US forces, diplomats, and an ambassador on a YouTube video.

Countdown to Election Day: Are the Polls Correct?

As Election Day for the 2016 Presidential Election draws near, current polling has Hillary Clinton with a considerable lead. Many mainstream commentators believe the results of the election are a foregone conclusion with Hillary Clinton winning.

Below is a video on Understanding the 2016 election polls:

Some believe that Donald Trump has been treated unfairly in the media and that has resulted in a very negative public opinion. Could the prevailing negative opinion of Donald Trump and the distrust of Hillary Clinton be having an affect on the accuracy of the pre-election polls? If it is politically incorrect to say your are voting for Trump, it is possible that there is a significant percentage of likely voters that will vote for Trump but not admit it.

Could the non-stop negative stories on Trump start to lose their effect on public opinion and have people start to question their validity and motives? Watching a train wreck is sure to get anyone’s attention. But the reason there is not a Train wreck channel is that after a few hours, it would lose it’s appeal to viewers.

On June 24, 2016 much of the world was shocked by the results of the vote in the United Kingdom to withdraw from the European Union (EU). To learn more about Brexit, visit the Brexit page on WikiPedia

Some analyst believe the polls in the UK proceeding the Brexit vote had a significant number of voters that would not admit they were voting to leave the EU.

Below is a video that discuss the Brexit vote related to the current race and why the polls may not matter in 2016:

I expect to see the unexpected with the way the primaries and campaign season has gone so far. But I agree Donald’s chance is looking slim barring an event that reshapes public opinion. There could be some new evidence of wrong doing that is undeniable and too tasty for the media to resist. The problem is that Trump often Trumps any news on Hillary. If Hillary does win, my opinion is that it was not the media that was the hammer. The biggest nail in Donald’s coffin will most likely come from the lack of support by the RNC. With the nation so closely divided, the election results will be largely determined by Voter turnout. If Trump does not have local support orchestrated by the RNC to work in communities to get supporters to the polls, he has little chance to win.

Donald Trump and Policy Positions

Donald Trump is often criticized or perceived as a candidate that does not provide details on his policy positions.

I think much of that is due to the fact that debates and speeches make it difficult for an inexperienced politician to communicate effectively on complex topics given the time constraints.

In case you missed the 3rd Presidential Debate:

Should any undecided voter have the desire to learn Donald Trump’s positions on some of the key issues, here is a link to Policies from Donald Trump 2016 Campaign Website

Also, here is a link to: Hillary Clinton 2016 Website Position on Issues

Hillary’s position on policy and issues is subject to change. At some point the website may request your fill out a survey asking your personal opinion on the issues prior to viewing her position. This will allow her website to know what you want to hear.

Evidence that the Media is in Bed With Washington D.C. Establishment

Yesterday we posted a commentary regarding our opinion that the 2016 Presidential Campaign is being influenced and possible defrauded by a coordinated effort of the establishment and the mainstream media.

Below is a link the an opinion article that provides an example of a coordinated effort by the media that started during the 2nd Presidential debate. The questioning by Anderson Cooper during the debate about the “Access Hollywood” audio tapes and the subsequent media releases clearly shows that The media is in partnership with the Washington D.C. establishment

Within a few days of the debate numerous negative stories were released by The New York Times, The Guardian, CBS News, People magazine, BuzzFeed, and NBC News all within a few hours of each other about Donald Trump making unwanted advances on women.

I found it very interesting to watch the 2nd Presidential debate after the revelation of the obvious coordinated effort by the media following the debate:

This along with the release of hacked emails by WikiLeaks, is very solid evidence that CNN is in bed with DNC

It is hard to dispute that the media is in bed with the Washington D.C. establishment and the 2016 Presidential Election is being influenced by institutions that have an obligation to the American people to allow at the very least be transparent about their intentions. CNN moderated a debate and their intentions seem very clear. Instead of moderating a debate, they set out to smear Donald Trump and influence the election.

The opposing argument is that CNN is obligated to ask the tough questions. I question the timing of the questions about events that took place years and often decades ago so late in the election and the subsequent coordinated release of related media. Further, where in the debate are the tough questions to Clinton regarding the more recent revelations by WikiLeaks?

The Establishment vs. Donald Trump. Or is It?

Well Folks. It’s only been 4 years since my the last post on Donald Trump and his role in U.S. Politics.

It would be an understatement to say there have been a few developments since that post. I have been a spectator or a viewer, much like the vast majority of Americans, but today I felt compelled to comment. This election could be described as the Establishment vs. Donald Trump. But, the truth may be that Trump is a willing or unwilling participant in an orchestrated effort by the current establishment to remain in power without any real threat of opposition and not by the choice of the American people.

No matter which candidate or party you support, I would like to believe that most would want a fair election where the people get to decide on which candidate is best fit to hold office. Also, that the reason why term limits are in place is to avoid powerful and dictator like control in our government that arise from too few in power for too long.

If you support Hillary Clinton, you are probably pretty happy anytime you turn on the tv or read the mainstream news media.

I believe that the media is engaging in Electoral Fraud through Misinformation as a willing participant in an extremely powerful propaganda machine. The establishment is winning the propaganda war. And if you think Fox News is not a part of the mainstream media and the propaganda, you are wrong. They are the part of the propaganda machine to attract but control the opposition.

So what does this all mean for the election? Does anyone feel the media is actually reporting news that would allow us to determine which candidate is best fit to hold office? What are the real differences in the candidates and what would change in the next four or more years if each were elected? Or does everyone pretty much feel like the media is putting on a circus show to distract the American people from what is really going on in Washington. Distracting us from the fact that our Government is slowly eroding our freedoms and ability to really choose.

If “Neither” was an option on the ballet, would Hillary or Donald get a majority of the votes in the upcoming Election? It could be said that people that do not vote, vote “neither” in every election.

It is truly sad the WikiLeaks appears to be the only free press that provides transparency to the American people about the establishment and corruption in our government.

Most people believe the “October Surprise” was the Trump audio making crude comments about woman.

Some people believe it could be a video released by the hacker group anonymous. One of the challenges for an anonymous group, is that our own mainstream media or intelligence agencies could produce a video that claims to be from anonymous.

I believe the October surprise is that the American people are going to start to recognize the propaganda and pandering of the mainstream media and start asking themselves questions that really matter. Which 2016 Presidential candidate is going to keep the America we know and love free. Which candidate is going to pander to me and tell me what I want to hear in order to grab more power and wealth for them and their party at my expense. In my opinion, that will be the candidate that will nominate supreme court justices that uphold the foundation of our Constitution, which is a limited Federal Government. That our government is for the people and that our State and local governments can better represent our communities than bureaucrats in Washington representing large corporate special interests and maintaining their own power and wealth.