Is Donald Trump a Racist?

Is Donald Trump a Racist?

Many in the media are calling Donald Trump’s questioning of Obama’s qualification to attend an Ivy League School racist. Here is an example Huffington Post Article saying that Donald Trump played the race card.

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Is this an issue where Donald Trump is saying that Obama benefited from affirmative action? Could it be that Trump believes that questioning Obama’s education is just another way to discredit his opponent?

A viewpoint that is picking up steam in the media is that Donald Trump’s remarks on Obama’s education are racist. Whoopi says she is playing the race card and calling his remarks racist.

I this is a calculated move by Trump to keep himself in the news cycle. As soon as the birther issue ended, he makes remarks that on face value are not racists, but for many African Americans it would be difficult not to feel the remarks are a black and white issue.

One thing that is interesting is that Donald Trump is framing the Presidential Race to be Trump vs Obama. Where is the media coverage of other GOP hopefuls?

Whether you love him, hate him, take him serious or think he is a hosting a circus, Trump is doing what it takes to get his hat in the ring and name in the 2012 presidential race. Go to your local coffee shop and ask someone who is running against Obama and you are sure to hear Trump’s name.

Trump compels Obama to Act

Aside from those that believe Obama’s birth documents were fabricated, the end to the issue of Obama not disclosing his long form birth certificate is over.

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Mission accomplished for Trump. He gets national exposure, rallies the hard core right, and put Obama in a defensive posture. Some may look at the release as a victory for Obama, but in truth it is indicative of how effective Trump can be.

I expect Trump will continue his attempts to discredit Obama. The current attack is related to Obama’s habits as a bad student:

He is continuing the push for Obama to disclose more credentials, his transcripts. These careful thought out tactics of discrediting his opponent will continue to yield dividends towards gaining support in case he decides to run in the Republican primaries. Obama is a tremendously effective campaigner, and Trump may be a potential opponent savvy enough to pose serious contention.