Trump compels Obama to Act

Aside from those that believe Obama’s birth documents were fabricated, the end to the issue of Obama not disclosing his long form birth certificate is over.

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Mission accomplished for Trump. He gets national exposure, rallies the hard core right, and put Obama in a defensive posture. Some may look at the release as a victory for Obama, but in truth it is indicative of how effective Trump can be.

I expect Trump will continue his attempts to discredit Obama. The current attack is related to Obama’s habits as a bad student:

He is continuing the push for Obama to disclose more credentials, his transcripts. These careful thought out tactics of discrediting his opponent will continue to yield dividends towards gaining support in case he decides to run in the Republican primaries. Obama is a tremendously effective campaigner, and Trump may be a potential opponent savvy enough to pose serious contention.

Is Trump Engaged in Self Promotion or Serious Contemplation?

In April of 2011 Donald Trump has been engaged in either a brilliant promotion of his popular television show “The Apprentice” or is seriously contemplating running for President in 2012.  Though a strong argument could be made that Mr. Trump is simply trying to strengthen ratings for his popular television show, the truth is that Donald is interviewing for job of President of the United States.  How could this lowly amateur blogger be fooled by his crafty self promotion you ask?  I am fooled into believing that Donald Trump is so worried about the economic state of the U.S. economy, he may believe that the only way to save it is by taking the position of CEO.  If he believes he can win, he will run.

All signs point to serious contemplation.  Donald Trump is exploring if he has a snow bat chance in hell at getting the Republican nomination.  He knows as an Independent Party candidate he has no chance of winning the popular vote.  To get the Republican nomination you must rally the base supporters as well as get the support of the Tea Party.  What better way to garner support of the base than to bring up the issue of Obama’s birth certificate being fully disclosed.  I think that Donald Trump knows that Obama was born in the United States, but he also recognizes that efforts have been made to keep his actual birth certificate either undisclosed or that the record has been lost.  Some speculate the reason the undisclosed birth certificate may be the fact that his parent’s religion was disclosed as Muslim, his parents were not married, or that he was given a different name that was changed during adult-hood.

If the record had anything that would negatively affect Obama, the document has certainly been “expunged” by now.

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So, what was the result of Donald Trump questioning the lack of disclosure of Obama’s original birth certificate? He is now the leading GOP candidate according to recent polling by the Public Policy Polling

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One thing is for sure. Donald is here to stay. Any until the season finale of “The Apprentice” on May 22 he will continue to make headlines and be talked about