Spotlight on Donald Trump 10/3/2012 Presidential Debate

In the first Presidential debate on November 3rd, 2012 Donald Trump was in the spotlight during the discussion of tax rates for small businesses. Obama argued that his definition of small business does not included Donald Trump. Romney argued that these larger small businesses employ the larger percentage employees in the United States.

The domestic debate focused largely on the economy, the deficit contributing to the national debt, and taxes. The candidates were contrasted on their ideas of how tax rates should be changed to deal the current spending deficit. Romney argued that tax rates should not increase for any bracket and that his principles for any new tax policy would be no tax rates increases, no tax changes that increase taxes paid by the middle class, and increases in revenue should be achieved by updating deductions in the tax code. The revenue reduction would be made up by economic growth and reducing reductions. Obama believe that tax rates for those making over 250k should be increased back to their levels during the Clinton years in order to achieve the needed revenue to support domestic programs. They both stated they believe that tax rates for corporations should be decreased using deductions specific to activities as incentive for domestic growth. Romney argued that Obama is largely ineffective at getting any type of legislation related to taxes passed due to bipartisanship. Obama argued that being a leader means sticking to your ideals and saying no to bad policy. He argued that Romney did not have a clear plan and the math did not support that a reduction would make up for reduction of tax rates without raising tax rates on the top brackets. Romney argued that it was more important to lay out ideals as opposed to specifics to achieve bipartisan support. Obama characterized Romney’s plan as one that would reduce taxes for the wealthy. Romney characterized Obama’s plan as a roadmap to the same economic failure and high tax rates we now see in Spain and across Europe.

If you missed the debate, below is a link:

Donald Trump Meets with GOP Candidates

The top GOP candidates are meeting with Donald Trump to win his support. Mitt Romney is the latest candidate to meet with him and below is a video from Fox where Mr. Trump discusses the meetings.

Donald Trump Turns 65.

Donald Trump turned 65 years old today. He will be on the Hannity Show tonight at 9pm.

Donald Trump Explains His Decision

Donald Trump talks about the Republican congressional leaders and their impact on his decision.

Memorial Day 2011

To all those who have fallen, we salute you and will never forget your sacrifice. Lord willing, today I will enjoy a peaceful Summer day and would not be able to do so without the sacrifice of so many.

Over 1.2 million U.S soldiers died in combat to preserve our freedom. Enjoy this day, do not take it for granted.

To all those serving or who have served, thank you!

Was Donald Trump Ever Serious About Running for President?

Did Donald Trump engage in a promotional ploy to gain publicity for his brand or was he seriously contemplating a 2012 run?

At one point, I believed Trump was a serious contender. He was making the rounds on the media circuits to talk about many serious issues and trying to push the not-so-serious issue of Obama’s birth certificate. The more meaningful subjects of the economy, the trade imbalance, and jobs he could get the attention of many. After all, with 9% unemployment, at least one in ten could related to the fact that jobs are getting outsourced overseas at about the same rate as products stamped with China on the bottom are coming into the country.

The Death of Bin Laden changed the political landscape. Obama’s approval ratings are soaring and The Country feels more at solidarity. Criticism and personal attacks on Obama would be unpopular. Donald Trump’s sword lost its point.
If Trump wanted to run for President, unless the economy took a real turn for the worse, he’d have little chance of winning.

But the real question remains. Did Donald Trump ever seriously consider running? This once believer has doubts. He made speeches, attacked Obama’s credibility, and “re-formed” his position on some conservative issues. However, when the backlash began to take its toll on his brand, he faded to the background. Bin Laden’s death gave him the chance to retreat under the cover of the media attention surrounding that event.

Donald Trump Will Not Run in 2012

Donald Trump announced today that he will not be a candidate in the 2012 presidential election.

Trump’s Statement:
This decision does not come easily or without regret; especially when my potential candidacy continues to be validated by ranking at the top of the Republican contenders in polls across the country. I maintain the strong conviction that if I were to run, I would be able to win the primary and ultimately, the general election. I have spent the past several months unofficially campaigning and recognize that running for public office cannot be done half heartedly. Ultimately, however, business is my greatest passion and I am not ready to leave the private sector.

Donald Trump Speaks in Nashua, New Hampshire

Donald Trump spoke at a political event in Nashua, New Hampshire where he detailed his reasons for opposing Obama and the current U.S. problems.

Donald Trump’s description of the event.

Here’s the speech.

Donald Trump to Headline Tea Party Rally in Columbia, S.C.

The TEA Party Group, Taxed Enough Already, announced that Donald Trump, will speak May 19 at the S.C. Statehouse in Columbia from 6-8 p.m.

Expect more F-bombs, likely directed at government taxes and the handling of the economy. Will he attack Obama, who is enjoying such a high approval rating?
I expect not only will he attack Obama, but he will attack the media and it’s Obama bias. He will tell Tea Party members that they are not stupid enough to forget about the economy and how the U.S. is losing jobs to China.

Lastly, the rally is right before the Apprentice Season Finale on May 22. Trump is certain to say or do something to encourage people to watch. It will be interesting at the very least.

Donald Trump Quiet, Obama’s Approval Rating Soars

Donald Trump is not creating many headlines these days. Obama has enjoyed a nice approval rating bump. As of today 60% of Americans approve of the job he is doing. The death of “Bin Laden” may affect the 2012 election more than Trump. Suddenly people approve of Obama’s handling of the economy, foreign affairs, and other matters of the office: Ap-GFK Poll

Next up, the U.S. will withdraw troops from the Middle East and give it back to the Taliban and Iran. All the people who helped us and their families will be murdered. America’s foreign policy. Well it starts with the drum beats of war by people, media, Congress, and the President. We then go in and bomb the place to hell. Clean things up a little bit, and then the voters at home get tired with war “over there”. Once we achieve some type of moral victory, we pull out and leave the place for some new “boogie man” to take over. Who gets hurt? The innocent goat farmer and his family. We always lose the end game because we do not have any real leaders in this country. Special interests and mob rule. When corporation no longer benefit and the mob gets tired of something, whether in the long-term interest or not, no Washington D.C. politician will support it. And my rant is over.

So, Donald Trump is no longer on the attack. He is letting Obama have his day in the sun. With some economic indicators, like last Friday’s job report, showing improvement, I wonder if Trump will re-analyze running. Since he would be sure to endure a huge wave of negative publicity, he will not run unless his numbers people say he has a good shot of winning.

His chances will go as the economy goes and I am not alone in this line of thinking