Why do Trump and Many Others Say Clinton’s Charity is Pay for Play?

The above title might lead you to believe this post is going to provide an opinion or facts critical of the Clinton Foundation and how it was used by the Clintons in a Pay for Play political corruption scheme. Actually, this post is critical of the approach to reveal and investigate corrupt acts committed by the Clintons.

Professional criminal organizations and schemes are often well organized and planned. Sometimes they are even run better than some public corporations. Corrupt politicians and political organizations are no different.

The key to circumventing suspicion and the law, is through forming a complex organizational structure. While one of the keys to Clinton’s Pay for Play scheme is the Clinton Foundation, the scheme is misunderstood when the foundation is made the focus of raising suspicions of corruption. Why? Well, first of all it is a charity organization. It is easy for many people to shrug off donations to a charity in return for political favors.

The key to proving corruption is to follow the money trail where the Clintons benefited directly. An example is the Wallstreet Journal Article showing links to the Clintons getting massive fees to speak.

The Clinton Foundation provides the Clintons cover from suspicion, distracts from the issue and is also a way to dish out favors. With favors, such as awarding a construction contract, it can be difficult to tie them directly to the original favor or payment when they originate outside the foundation and more likely involve numerous parties. In the end, the average person on the street thinks it is sour grapes for those critical of the Clintons to attack their charity.

However, the average person on the street understands that getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to speak at an event in return for a political favor smells rotten.

For Congress to get enough public support to actually investigate corruption, the opinions of the average person is important. The scheme is obviously well organized and many powerful people are involved. Bernie Sanders, the self-proclaimed spokesperson against corporate and political corruption, would be the best person to drive the cry for an investigation, but is least likely to do anything that might possibly help the Republican Party.

So, what is going to happen? A committee in Congress is going to hold hearings on the Clinton Foundation and say while there was certainly an appearance of wrong doing, there is no direct evidence of any wrong doing. Sound familiar? It was bad judgement, but not against the law.

Without a broad focus on the Clinton’s source of wealth and only focusing on the Clinton Foundation, only the appearance of an investigation will be done. The Clintons will remain above the law and be able to claim an investigation revealed no wrong doing. In fact, they will turn the failed investigation into ammo and say their opponents tried to destroy a charity.

Those that own and control the mainstream media do not have an interest in exposing the Clintons. This could be the last election where we have a free internet that does not censor independent films like the one below:

After all, there is one candidate in this election that blamed the death of a US forces, diplomats, and an ambassador on a YouTube video.