Countdown to Election Day: Are the Polls Correct?

As Election Day for the 2016 Presidential Election draws near, current polling has Hillary Clinton with a considerable lead. Many mainstream commentators believe the results of the election are a foregone conclusion with Hillary Clinton winning.

Below is a video on Understanding the 2016 election polls:

Some believe that Donald Trump has been treated unfairly in the media and that has resulted in a very negative public opinion. Could the prevailing negative opinion of Donald Trump and the distrust of Hillary Clinton be having an affect on the accuracy of the pre-election polls? If it is politically incorrect to say your are voting for Trump, it is possible that there is a significant percentage of likely voters that will vote for Trump but not admit it.

Could the non-stop negative stories on Trump start to lose their effect on public opinion and have people start to question their validity and motives? Watching a train wreck is sure to get anyone’s attention. But the reason there is not a Train wreck channel is that after a few hours, it would lose it’s appeal to viewers.

On June 24, 2016 much of the world was shocked by the results of the vote in the United Kingdom to withdraw from the European Union (EU). To learn more about Brexit, visit the Brexit page on WikiPedia

Some analyst believe the polls in the UK proceeding the Brexit vote had a significant number of voters that would not admit they were voting to leave the EU.

Below is a video that discuss the Brexit vote related to the current race and why the polls may not matter in 2016:

I expect to see the unexpected with the way the primaries and campaign season has gone so far. But I agree Donald’s chance is looking slim barring an event that reshapes public opinion. There could be some new evidence of wrong doing that is undeniable and too tasty for the media to resist. The problem is that Trump often Trumps any news on Hillary. If Hillary does win, my opinion is that it was not the media that was the hammer. The biggest nail in Donald’s coffin will most likely come from the lack of support by the RNC. With the nation so closely divided, the election results will be largely determined by Voter turnout. If Trump does not have local support orchestrated by the RNC to work in communities to get supporters to the polls, he has little chance to win.