Evidence that the Media is in Bed With Washington D.C. Establishment

Yesterday we posted a commentary regarding our opinion that the 2016 Presidential Campaign is being influenced and possible defrauded by a coordinated effort of the establishment and the mainstream media.

Below is a link the an opinion article that provides an example of a coordinated effort by the media that started during the 2nd Presidential debate. The questioning by Anderson Cooper during the debate about the “Access Hollywood” audio tapes and the subsequent media releases clearly shows that The media is in partnership with the Washington D.C. establishment

Within a few days of the debate numerous negative stories were released by The New York Times, The Guardian, CBS News, People magazine, BuzzFeed, and NBC News all within a few hours of each other about Donald Trump making unwanted advances on women.

I found it very interesting to watch the 2nd Presidential debate after the revelation of the obvious coordinated effort by the media following the debate:

This along with the release of hacked emails by WikiLeaks, is very solid evidence that CNN is in bed with DNC

It is hard to dispute that the media is in bed with the Washington D.C. establishment and the 2016 Presidential Election is being influenced by institutions that have an obligation to the American people to allow at the very least be transparent about their intentions. CNN moderated a debate and their intentions seem very clear. Instead of moderating a debate, they set out to smear Donald Trump and influence the election.

The opposing argument is that CNN is obligated to ask the tough questions. I question the timing of the questions about events that took place years and often decades ago so late in the election and the subsequent coordinated release of related media. Further, where in the debate are the tough questions to Clinton regarding the more recent revelations by WikiLeaks?

Seth Meyers Roasts Trump at White House Correspondent’s Dinner

On the lighter side of things, Seth Meyers, an American actor and comedian spoke at the white house correspondent’s dinner. The header writer for Saturday Night Live, roasted Donald Trump with jokes. Trump is in the crowd and his reaction is show.

Donald Trump doesn’t appear amused or think it’s funny. My guess is that he will respond by saying that the administration doesn’t take China, Jobs, and the Economy serious.

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Is Donald Trump a Racist?

Is Donald Trump a Racist?

Many in the media are calling Donald Trump’s questioning of Obama’s qualification to attend an Ivy League School racist. Here is an example Huffington Post Article saying that Donald Trump played the race card.

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Is this an issue where Donald Trump is saying that Obama benefited from affirmative action? Could it be that Trump believes that questioning Obama’s education is just another way to discredit his opponent?

A viewpoint that is picking up steam in the media is that Donald Trump’s remarks on Obama’s education are racist. Whoopi says she is playing the race card and calling his remarks racist.

I this is a calculated move by Trump to keep himself in the news cycle. As soon as the birther issue ended, he makes remarks that on face value are not racists, but for many African Americans it would be difficult not to feel the remarks are a black and white issue.

One thing that is interesting is that Donald Trump is framing the Presidential Race to be Trump vs Obama. Where is the media coverage of other GOP hopefuls?

Whether you love him, hate him, take him serious or think he is a hosting a circus, Trump is doing what it takes to get his hat in the ring and name in the 2012 presidential race. Go to your local coffee shop and ask someone who is running against Obama and you are sure to hear Trump’s name.

And the backlash begins…Did Trump Dodge the Vietnam Draft?

More than 3 million American served in the Vietnam War. Over 58 thousand died, over 170 thousand severly wounded, and almost one million suffered from posttraumatic stress disorder. An estimated 125,000 dodged the draft. – source Wiki

Those Veterans that served honorably and those that fell during that war, we must remember and honor. Our leaders that decided to draft young men to serve should be the ones questioned. You cannot fight for the cause of freedom at the price of taking freedom away. Americans will always rise to the call of a just cause. If you have to draft men to serve, might want to rethink the cause.

So, the line we are supposed to draw from this media attention is the Donald Trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and his millionaire Dad got him out of going to Vietnam. Or better, Donald pleaded he was unfit to serve to get out of going.

I, like many people alive and breathing in America, fate was determined by our government and it’s power to call up young men to serve. My father was a tank commander serving in the U.S. Army. He was almost thirty and had my sister and Mom at home as he served at a base in Kentucky waiting for a call that never came. Instead, I came. My father is not interesting or rich enough for the smoking gun to poke around into the history of why my father was never called to duty.

Silver spoon or no silver spoon, I do not find it dishonorable to avoid the fate of a government acting like a tyranny. There is a movement in the United States for more government control. If the fallen men from the Vietnam War could speak, I wonder what they would say about government control?

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Will Boycotts Effect Trump’s Decision to Run for President

Donald Trump has spent much of his life in the public eye and had his fair share of criticism. However, there is a huge difference in living a Hollywood-like lifestyle and being under the intense scrutiny that political candidates endure.

His recent attempts to discredit President Obama have created intense media attention and a stir among many special interest groups. By some he is being branded a racist. His newfound conservative values and unwillingness to support gay marriage has drawn boycotts from gay rights activists.

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One of the challenges that Trump now faces is that his criticism of Obama is getting branded as racist.
It’s an unwinnable situation. If you attack the character or qualifications of an African American, racial tensions will ensue due to the history of our country. To beat Obama in 2012, Trump is going to have to criticize his actual or perceived failures as a President. Since the media consuming public thrives on controversy, I expect Trump will continue down his current course, despite the negative branding. After all, no publicity is bad publicity, right?

Trump has claimed that he will make his final decision by June 2011 on whether or not he will run for President. He also stated that for him, it is a difficult decision because he is not a career politician and he will give up some privacy he currently enjoys.  The boycotts might effect the ratings of his show and the performance of some of his businesses.  Trump holds his name as his most valuable asset.  To risk his name, must mean that he is serious about running and thinks he has a good chance of winning.

If the media frenzy turns to roasting Donald Trump, I expect it will affect his decision and could ultimately cause him to question the benefits of running. In the end, it will be the polls and whether or not they indicate he has a good chance of winning, which will be THE factor in Trump’s decision. If Trump believes he can win, he’ll run.
With the GOP holding the first 2012 primaries in February, instead of January, we will potentially have another 9 month media circus before the Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada primaries give way to any actual results. If Trump decides to bow out in June, the 2012 election will be less entertaining and these three months will go down as the side show that finally put the birther issue to rest.

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