Clinton Pay to Play Parody

Clinton Pay to Play Parody

Please note that this is a purely fictional scenario and not based on any actual events or people. If Bill has been paid by Coke or the Coca Cola corporation has received favors in the form of public policy or contracts Hillary was able to facilitate, it is purely a coincidence.

Bill Clinton speaks at a corporate meeting

Bill gets paid!
Bill gets paid!

Hillary tells school kids that rich people are not paying their fair share and that Coca Cola products should be free for all students.

The voters, I mean kids, are excited and want to vote for Hillary.

Clinton laughs and thinks “this is too easy”

Kid wonders why his parents now have to work late to pay for Obamacare and his after school program got cancelled.

As the official government sponsored public school lunch drink provider, profits at Coca Cola soar!

Guess who got a call to speak at Coke’s annual shareholder meeting?