And the backlash begins…Did Trump Dodge the Vietnam Draft?

More than 3 million American served in the Vietnam War. Over 58 thousand died, over 170 thousand severly wounded, and almost one million suffered from posttraumatic stress disorder. An estimated 125,000 dodged the draft. – source Wiki

Those Veterans that served honorably and those that fell during that war, we must remember and honor. Our leaders that decided to draft young men to serve should be the ones questioned. You cannot fight for the cause of freedom at the price of taking freedom away. Americans will always rise to the call of a just cause. If you have to draft men to serve, might want to rethink the cause.

So, the line we are supposed to draw from this media attention is the Donald Trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and his millionaire Dad got him out of going to Vietnam. Or better, Donald pleaded he was unfit to serve to get out of going.

I, like many people alive and breathing in America, fate was determined by our government and it’s power to call up young men to serve. My father was a tank commander serving in the U.S. Army. He was almost thirty and had my sister and Mom at home as he served at a base in Kentucky waiting for a call that never came. Instead, I came. My father is not interesting or rich enough for the smoking gun to poke around into the history of why my father was never called to duty.

Silver spoon or no silver spoon, I do not find it dishonorable to avoid the fate of a government acting like a tyranny. There is a movement in the United States for more government control. If the fallen men from the Vietnam War could speak, I wonder what they would say about government control?

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