Trump Coverage Shrinks by Death of Bin Laden

As would be expected, the media coverage of Donald Trump’s calculated antics have shrunk to almost nothing.

As he likely knows, the only play at this point is to give credit to Obama. Trump, being a New York resident and having financial ties in the NY economy knows as well as any Americans the effects of 9/11. The loss of life was the greatest effect, but the resulting strain on the economy was felt by New Yorkers.

Trump’s Tweet of Congratulations.

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A point of irony is that NBC’s coverage of the Bin Laden story started during the final minutes of Trump’s popular television show The Apprentice.

For at least the next few weeks, partisan politics will be put on hold as America feels a sense of unity as it remembers those that were victims of 9/11. Republicans and Democrats will both be playing up their respective administration’s role in the successful mission that ended Bin Laden’s time on earth.

The news will most certainly inspire Americans and hopefully build consumer confidence. The economy and jobs will likely play the biggest role in 2012 elections, but Bin Laden’s death under Obama will strengthen his case to the America people on national defense. Bin Laden’s death will overshadow the weak U.S. foreign policy in supporting the democratic movement in countries such as Libya. The U.S. has taken a back seat role to NATO and France in supporting the resistance against the Libyan government. This weak role may be calculated by Obama to have a greater effect as American intervention in the Middle East is never popular to people in that region.

Obama chance for re-election grows/declines with the economy.

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